Youth work

We hope to be re-starting our youth work on the estate soon. Watch this space!

At Roehampton Methodist Church we are pleased  to host a variety of youth engagement activities. From schools work to holiday clubs, term-time programmes and community project. We are always seeking to play a part in our local context. We have strong links with some of our local schools and have an Open the Book team that tours doing assembly's. Keep an eye out as you may see our team in schools throughout the year!

Open the Book team


CEDARS is a circuit youth initiative that currently runs across two locations. Our aim with this project is to provide safe and inclusive spaces for all young people.

We have several areas of work that fall under the CEDARS Youth project banner; our 6-11 year old groups at Chiswick Methodist Church (Mondays) and Roehampton Methodist Church (Tuesdays). These are fun filled evenings from 4.30-5.30pm (during COVID) with games,crafts, sports, discussions and themed evenings. 

Tuesday night childrens club

The CEDARS youth Project aspires to promote; personal growth, learning, positive wellbeing, fun and community. Our groups are open to any young person regardless of faith, background, culture or sexuality. 

We are run, and largely funded, by the church and therefore have a distinctly Christian outlook. We tend to tie-in activities to relevant Christian festivals, particularly Christmas and Easter and are open to discussions are faith and religion. We believe that we are here to serve the children and young people wherever they are and whatever they believe. 

Foot and handprint tree