'All are welcome' project

During these difficult times of COVID, the Church has been trying to plan ahead for happier days when we can all meet together again and use our building once more. We have decided launch a new building project, therefore, which will allow us to becoming the truly welcoming space that we want to be.

Roehampton exteriorIf we can secure funding, the 'All are welcome' project will make access to the building safer and easier for everyone. It will involve:

  • the complete replacement of the exterior paved paths (currently dangerous and broken);
  • the creation of a step-free fire exit, with ramp;
  • the creation of step-free access to the rear garden;
  • the renewal of the car park (currently in a very poor state of repair with numerous potholes);
  • the creation of a prayer labyrinth in the church grounds to help everyone engage with Christian spirituality; 
  • improved signage for the building (including from the road); and
  • the installation of CCTV.

Together, this work will complete the renewal of the church buildings - inside and outside - that we started four years ago. This has involved the complete re-wiring, re-decoration and re-plumbing of the whole building, as well as major work in the grounds. This has helped create a safer community space, and the proposed work will make it even more welcoming. We hope that this will allow us to work with even more local groups and charities.

The total cost of this work will be just over £65,000. We have already secured generous grants from the local Methodist Circuit and London District, and are now seeking help from other funders. 

If you would be interested in helping us raise funds for this vital project, please let us know here.

Church car park